Christ-Centered Goals Overview

Last week we looked at the most important question a person could ask themselves going into 2019. Today, I want to give a brief overview of how to set Christ-Centered Goals. Christ-Centered Goals: Framework A year ago I wrote these words and they still ring true. My biggest issue is that I see so many […]

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The Most Important Question to Ask in 2019

I love goals, life hacks, resolutions, habits, etc. I’ve been fascinated with personal development since I was in high school. In my spare time I’m reading about cold showers, Wim Hoff breathing techniques and Atomic Habits. Last year, I shared a little about my “Christ-Centered Goal Setting” process, which you can find at these links: […]

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Christ-Centered Goals – Part II

One thing I’ve learned while pursuing goal setting since high school is that revelation doesn’t equal transformation. What I’m saying is that all the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean you will actually apply any of it. You know what I’m talking about because you do it all the time. “I want to lose weight […]

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