Prepare Him Room: Resources for Advent

Christmas is in full force at the Frazier home.

The decorations are out, the lights are up, and I’m trying not to lose my salvation putting up our tree that has multiple strands not working. Lord Jesus bless me, keep me and let there be light (on this fake tree), amen!

However, it’s not just Christmas, but the season of Advent according to the church calendar. Advent, from the Latin word adventus, meaning “arrival”, is a season where we celebrate not only Christ’s first arrival, but also anticipate his promised second arrival where he will return not as a helpless baby, but as a triumphant King coming to restore all things.

In honor of Advent, I wanted to put together some resources that help prepare your heart and mind for this beautiful season of the church. Let us join with the saints of old who celebrated Jesus’ arrival and waited in expectancy for him to return.



Resources for Kids & Families 



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