OCH 16 Days In!

We have been in Dallas for the intensive feeding program at OCH now for 16 days!

In that amount of time Davy has attended 12 OT sessions, 9 PT sessions, 12 speech therapy sessions and 63 feeding sessions! Can you believe this girl? All on limited sleep due to the rigorous schedule but with a smile on her face and a big cheesy grin. She continues to amaze me. God has given this girl such strength, fight, and grace. For you to see her big cheese, here is a snapshot of us celebrating her turning two while here (another blog to come later!)

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Swim Time!

Progress Update

Davy has had a big six days since our last update! We can hardly keep family informed with her progress with our busy days. We would have like to have shared more on Monday.

I (Chelsea) have one meeting with her dietician early in the week and another meeting with her entire team on Thursday afternoons. So far, these meetings direct changes in Davy’s feeding as we discuss her calorie and fluid intake.

Last we shared we were decreasing the amount of nutrition Davy receives through her g-tube by 25%. On Monday, her dietitian gave us the go to decrease this to 50%!!! Yes, half of what she was taking! I learned our girl had been eating more than 50% of her calories by mouth for three+ days!

Now, bigger news. During our Thursday meeting today, they suggested she start taking only 33% of her daily nutritional need by the g-tube! What??? Where are we? If I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes I couldn’t comprehend how this would be possible in only 16 days but here we are!

To share some details for those who like them (skip ahead if you want, it won’t hurt our feelings!), Davy came in taking 890 calories through her g-tube. In the past three days she has taken over 650! Technically, we could probably drop her g-tube feeds even more but we are playing it cautious. This means we are down to the last 250 calories!

Please continue to join us in praying!

  • Miraculous works continued. Please join us in praying for Davy to not be using her g-tube for food or drink by the time we leave (in two weeks)
  • Dallas team. For God to give the team in Dallas wisdom and knowledge to continue help and work with Davy best.
  • Witness. I have started to form some really sweet relationships here. Please be praying for God to be seen and made known.
  • Our marriage. We are on the last half of time apart as a family. Though we believe we are through the most challenging part we don’t want to stop praying for God’s grace and help for us as a unit and couple these last two weeks.
  • Chelsea (me). Continued stamina. The schedule is intense and time alone is really limited in time and space. Please be praying I don’t get sick from exhaustion and would fight for time with the Lord often and daily.

4 thoughts on “OCH 16 Days In!

  1. Awesome progress. Thankful you share so we don’t bug you to get details…you don’t need a lot of inquiries. Praying for you to get rest and for Davy to continue thriving. Miracles still happen! Hugs and prayers

  2. This is such amazing news, we are praising God from Austin where the Davis family has been praying for Davy and you!!! Still praying that the g-tube could be totally out!

  3. We love love love the news – and thank you for taking the time to keep all of us up to date. We continue to pray for all of you and you continue to amaze us in your strength and patience through it all. We know where it comes from…and praise God for his goodness always. Hang in there, you’re gonna be home soon and hopefully, without the gtube anymore! Glad you were able to celebrate the big birthday! Love to all.

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