Help Me Name A School

Help me name a school.

Well, more accurately, help me get a school named after my mom.

There is a new Georgetown ISD Middle School scheduled to open in the fall of 2017 and they have opened up nominations for the name. This is where you come in.

Step One

Go to this link –

Step Two

Fill out all the information.

  1. School Name You Are Submitting – Frazier Middle School
  2. Identify the type of name – A person who has made significant contribution to education in Georgetown ISD 
  3. 500 word descriptive essay – (I’ve included my essay below to help give some direction, but speak from the heart).
  4. My dad’s contact information. Email me at if you want this information and I’ll send it to you.
  5. Your information.

Step Three

Spread the word! Make phone calls, text, email and utilize every social media platform available to get the word out. We need as much support as we can get!

Thank you guys for joining me on this effort. I don’t feel like you have to have a school named after you to leave an impact on this world, my mom has already done that, but I do believe she is absolutely worthy of it.


Frazier Middle School

My mom, known as Coach Frazier to most who knew her, served with GISD for 31 years. She did not start her career at Georgetown, but as Jack Frost used to say, “she got here as fast as she could.” She was a coach and teacher at GHS for 6 years before becoming a PE teacher at Annie Purl Elementary. I watched her work late into the night perfecting a dance she would teach students, I heard her counsel my friends who were once in her PE class, and I saw her take younger teachers under her wing to help them find their voice.

Not only did my mom invest professionally into Georgetown, but also invested relationally. It seemed as if she knew everyone. One could tell that simply by how long it took my family to get out of a store or restaurant because my mom would stop to talk to everyone. She didn’t just know everyone, but deeply cared for those she knew. One of her former volleyball players sent this to me after she passed away. “She fought for me when I wanted to be a better volleyball player. She taught me how to have gumption! She taught me how to dare greatly and be brave! She taught me perseverance and resilience! And grace. She taught me how to believe in myself when I lost. She taught me how to try again! She knew these things well because she was them herself. She taught and taught and poured into people. She poured and poured and poured. Into me, and y’all, and everyone she met! She gave wholeheartedly of herself to the world. I love her for that. I love her feisty, gritty courage. I don’t think I’ve ever seen courage like that in anyone else.” That’s a person worthy of having a school named after them.

It wasn’t just about her professional life or relational care for others, but also about the type of life my mom lived. She was passionate, contagiously joyful and a woman of faith who loved deeply. I watched her battle cancer with grace, perseverance and courage. All the while continuing to care for others around her. Another one of her students wrote this to me, “Molly was one of those special kinds of people – that made others feel loved and important, even if she didn’t know them that well… when I would see her out and about, she made me feel like we had a special connection. She made me feel important. This was the best aspect of mom and the part I miss most. I would love to see the new school named after someone who helped build Georgetown, not simply through a pen and a check book, but through hard work, relationships and a life well lived. Those qualities are the true brick and mortar of a community. This is why my mom is a worthy candidate deserving of having this school named in her honor.



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