Huge News for Davy Girl

We have some exciting news in the Frazier home that we wanted to share with all who have loved, supported, prayed, and followed Davy’s journey from birth, the NICU and coming home.

Earlier this spring I was joking with Davy’s speech (feeding) therapist, sharing that if she would come live with us I knew Davy would be eating by mouth in six months or less. Davy responds so well to her, trusts her and eats much more for her. Multiply their time together and you can imagine Davy would start eating more by mouth.  I was completely kidding about her moving in but believed the theory. This sparked an idea in her mind that has come into fruition in a really great and unexpected way.

She knew of an intensive feeding program in Dallas, who accepts nine families at one time. It is a three-step application process, including an evaluation in Dallas, and the usual timeframe from application to stepping foot into the program is 10+ months.

In March, Scott and I decided to see if Davy could make it past the first step. She did. The next step was to wait for an evaluation appointment. The next available option was at the end of July.  We put our name on the list and pretty much put it at the back of our minds.

Then, two weeks ago I received a phone call. Someone had cancelled their evaluation and we were next on the list to bump up our appointment. We would need to be in Dallas in less than 48 hours. If anyone has packed a medically dependent child for an overnight trip you know that is a fast turnaround! Scott and I weighed our options and decided to go. It was worth having the entire process shortened by an entire month.

The evaluation was a four-hour process. Scott and I didn’t expect to hear back from them for a few weeks so we started packing our bags and getting ready to head back to Austin. That’s when the psychologist walked back in and shared that Davy had been accepted into the program! She then said the surprising part, “This truly never happens, but we have an opening in two weeks. Do y’all want the spot?”

Scott and I looked at each other, both counting the cost of what that would mean in the next two months. It honestly was a moment we both knew we should accept.  The fact that it “never” happens and that our evaluation was pushed up, which even made this opening possible for us, seemed to be from the Lord. At the time, it felt like He was parting a small Red Sea for us. He truly was making something possible that I had started to let go of. I wouldn’t have said I had stopped thinking Davy would eat by mouth but part of me was tired, felt alone in the battle and was weary. This seemed like His hand.

So, we accepted!

 What this means for the Frazier family:

  • Davy and I will live in Dallas at the Our Children’s House hospital for 31 days, yes 31 days!
  • Scott will move us Monday, July 18th and visit on weekends.
  • Davy will receive feeding therapy 3-4 times a day everyday. For perspective, she currently has two feeding therapy sessions a week.

Please join us in praying!

  • Miraculous works. Scott and I are praying that God would do something crazy, that He would increase the amount of nutrition Davy is taking by mouth. We don’t know what volume to ask for but we are asking for a substantial amount more.
  • Dallas team. For God to give the team in Dallas wisdom and knowledge to learn Davy and how to help and work with her best.
  • Witness. We pray that we would be a light to the families there and be a witness for the gospel to all the families, nurses and therapist we spend time with daily.
  • Our marriage.  Scott and I have not lived apart in marriage. We are doing out best to prepare for the better part of a month apart but we are praying for the Lord’s grace in the distance.
  • Chelsea (me). Grace and stamina as I live in the hospital, away from my husband and community, and will be inundated with Davy’s feeding  and therapy everyday.


7 thoughts on “Huge News for Davy Girl

  1. There is only one word that comes to mind when I read this post – MIRACLES!!! God is alive and well in your lives and he continues to use Davy’s life to show us all that he is. What a blessing straight from
    heaven. I have no doubt that your family will be made stronger and healthier because of this opportunity. Also, I have no doubt that all three of you will be a huge blessing to the staff and other families you encounter there. God is GOOD!!!!!

  2. Hey Chelsea. This is so awesome. I’m super excited for Davy and for you guys. I don’t know if you know, but I just spent a month living in a children’s hospital in Ohio with Luisa in April. So I know a little bit about what your experience will be like. 🙂 I will be praying for you, for all of you. God is doing great things!

  3. O Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart; You will incline Your ear! God is so very good. Will be praying that He will continue the very very good work He has begun in sweet Davy!

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