Davy Strong Short Film

The Austin Stone Story team just released a 15 minute short film about Davy girl coming home from the hospital titled “Davy Strong” (fitting, yea?)

You can check it out at our church’s website here: austinstone.org/davystrong or you can watch it on YouTube at the link below:

I pray that this film brings God glory, encourages the church and strengthens believers all across the world to fight for joy in the midst of suffering.

I’m so grateful for God’s grace and the community that rallied around our family to embody what it means to be “Davy Strong”. At the end of the day, Davy Strong isn’t a story about one single child, but the story of a great God moving through his people.

A big thank you to the Austin Stone Story Team for making this film and capturing Davy’s story. I especially enjoyed getting to see snippets of my mom loving, serving and caring for her Davy girl.

Enjoy the film and share it to anyone you think needs to be encouraged. Oh, and make sure to bring some tissues because you’re going to need them.

Soli Deo Gloria. #DavyStrong


5 thoughts on “Davy Strong Short Film

  1. Wow! Just bawled my eyes out!! Thank you so much for the video! For all of us who prayed daily for that first year, it is so beautiful to see Davy’s beautiful little face, & the promise of God’s JOY fulfilled on your faces!! Happy Father’s Day Scott, & love you so much sweet Chelsea!!
    Averi Cunningham

  2. What a powerful story of your undying faith and how God showed his love to all of you. May you continue to blessed and see Davy become more strong every day. 🙏🏻😘

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