Davy Update & Prayer Requests

As Chelsea wrote last week, our Davy girl has been home for 18 months!

It’s surreal to sit back and reflect on the fact that a mere 18 months ago I wasn’t sure I would ever get to have a life with our little girl and now I have this beautiful, vibrant relationship with our sweet Davy Elizabeth.

I wanted to write a brief update on how Davy girl is doing and some prayer requests.

Davy Update 

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Davy is doing well. As you can see from her pictures this girl is not missing any meals! I don’t remember missing any meals when I was growing up, but I was never called cute like this precious girl. My mom just used to smile at me and call me “big boned”, then make me go try on another pair of husky jeans. I digress…

Davy is making progressions in many areas. She continues to grow and get healthier every day. She hasn’t needed to go back on oxygen any time recently. There has been no sickness since our brief hospital stay in early January. Her eating continues to improve better than it has ever been. On our recent trip to Lubbock to see Chels’ family she had her first chocolate cake and absolutely loved it.

At the same time we’ve been dealt with some major blows and setbacks. At the beginning of January, due to a mistake made by Medicaid, we lost most of the nursing support and therapy we had lined up for Davy. It’s a long story and we don’t have time to get into it. Let’s just say this – I spent a lot of time oscillating between going old school and asking “WWJD?” or losing my ever loving mind on some poor, innocent people just trying to do their jobs. Sanctification is slow people and I’ve got a long way to go. Can I get an amen?

Here’s why that was a big deal. Davy was involved in 3 different therapies 5 times a week that were helping her grow in fine motor skills, the ability to eat, and overall development. So, unfortunately for the last month we haven’t been able to make much improvement in those areas and in some we’ve actually digressed, which has been discouraging some days. However, God was gracious to us and we were able to get full nursing and therapy back a little over a month later.

Overall, no matter the setbacks, we’re continuing to press forward and at the end of the day we’re just thankful that we have a gift that we were never promised. I’m looking forward to being this gift’s dad and watching her grow.

Prayer Requests

  • Eating – We’re praying that Davy would be able to eat full meals by her 2nd birthday – August 3rd, 2016!
  • Development – Continue to pray for Davy’s overall development of her fine and gross motor skills.
  • Davy’s Story – Lastly, we’re asking that God would continue to glorify himself through Davy’s story. There are some awesome things in the works that we believe God could use in mighty ways. Pray that many would come to faith in him and for family’s in similar situations to be encouraged.





One thought on “Davy Update & Prayer Requests

  1. I have been praying and thinking about you, chel, & a lot cDavy girl since your Mom left
    for better places. I was so sorry I didn’t get to see and talk to you at your Mom’s celebration but, I just wanted to tell you
    she always cheered me up when I saw her.
    She was an amazing woman and contributed a lot in her short life. What a gift she was to all of us. I’m sorry she didn’t get to experience Davy girls growth
    and accomplishments but, I know she sees
    them. I’m sorry Davy girl didn’t get to know and feel her love. You make sure she knows what a great grandma she had.
    Scott, all God’s blessings to you and your family. Please remember me to your Dad.
    Keep me on your Facebook friends so I
    can follow Davy’s steps, both big and small.
    In Christ’s name,
    Roger Taylor

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