Thankfulness & Hurt – Reflections on 18 Months

On Wednesday Davy turned 18 months old!

My incredible wife Chelsea wrote a short reflection that I wanted to share with you all. You can read it below.


Today held many unexpected emotions. Davy is 18 months old. I can’t even believe it! I also had the opportunity to meet with the doctor who was supposed to deliver her but didn’t get the chance.

Our appointment was held in the very room we were told of Davy’s diaphragmatic hernia for the very first time. I haven’t been back to the room until today.

As I sat waiting for my doctor, a flood of memories came to mind of what we’ve endured and experienced since that day. Doctor visits every week until she was born, the delivery in the OR, transport to Dell, weeks of not knowing if Davy would make it, countless IVs and PICC lines, Davy turning purple and blue because she stopped breathing, surgeries and more. It was overwhelming.

I am so so thankful our girl has made it and could have close to a “normal” life. Thanksgiving for her and her life with us is also something God has overwhelmed me with recently, but a lot of hurt and pain has surfaced too.

I’ve shared with friends it’s as if I didn’t have the capacity to process everything as it happened and now that I have a little more capacity the pain is coming up.

I wouldn’t have asked for Davy’s life to start as it has but I also wouldn’t trade it now. God has changed my heart in ways I never imagined, has shown me more of His great love and faithfulness, and given me a daughter I cherish. Now, today in the hurt, I lean into Him again, asking and believing He will lead me through this new, familiar pain, bring comfort and healing, and never leave me through it.

Into the next chapter.

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