An Update on Davy Girl and the Frazier Tribe

Déjà vu literally means, “already seen”.

It’s the “illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time. A feeling that one has seen or heard something before. Something overly or unpleasantly familiar.”

What we’re experiencing though is not an illusion or a feeling, but a tangible experience, a seemingly endless loop of time that ends up with Davy girl in the hospital again.

Davy Update 

Many have asked me, “What is going on with Davy?” or “Why is she in the hospital again?” I’ll attempt to explain the best I can.

As many of you know, we went in to get Davy a Gastronomy Button, or “G-Button” for short. If you missed that update you can read it here. We made the move to help with Davy girl’s therapy, mobility and long-term quality of life. Yet, while Davy was in the hospital recovering from surgery Chels, Davy and I all got strep throat! (Wash your hands people…), which delayed our discharge date.

We finally all recovered and went home together as a family on the 27th! Yet, providence had other plans. On Friday Chels called me letting me know that Davy’s g-button was leaking profusely and our doctor’s had recommended we head to the Emergency Room.

We learned while we were there that Davy’s body just didn’t respond well to the surgery and her body was having a hard time healing from the surgery. The surgical wound wasn’t closing up, Davy was unable to keep in her formula, and she remained in pain.

What does that mean for us? 

Well, first thing we had to be admitted into the hospital for an extended stay (potentially up to month or whenever the wound heals). Second, they had to insert an NJ tube, which is similar to the NG that Davy used to have, but bypasses the stomach and goes into the small intestine to give her stomach a rest. Third, we have to take constant care of the wound site to make sure the wound can heal and that her skin around the button doesn’t break down.


At the end of the day, the biggest factor is giving the wound time to heal and making sure to stay on top of her medication. Until she heals our home will be a place that’s all to familiar to the Frazier family.

Frazier Tribe Update 

Can I just brag on my daughter for a second? She’s tough and has the sweetest spirit. On the first night in the ER she had to be stuck 5 times to get an IV placed. Of course, she was crying uncontrollably in the moment, but the second it was over she was back to her joyful self and smiling at everyone in the room. She has been incredible and continues to win over nurses daily. The fighter and lover within her soul is a reflection of her grandma. My mom was the embodiment of tough and tender. I love seeing that same spirit in Davy. “MollyStrong” and “DavyStrong” are synonymous.

Chelsea and I are doing well. Chels, still has some recovery to go, especially after the strep infection made its way into her kidneys, but she is definitely on the mend. I’m doing ok. I’m trying to find the balance of being a husband, father, son, brother, friend and pastor in the midst of a new hospital stint. Collectively, we are tired, but fighting to lean into God, community and asking the Spirit for endurance.



We also understand that no suffering is accidental. It is penned into the grand narrative of redemption. Suffering is one of the great themes of Scripture. It enters in the story at Genesis 3, marks the lives of humanity, yet all the while God redeems it for his purpose, uses it to prepare an eternal weight of glory for his saints, and ultimately puts it to death. Suffering is not accidental.

Dr. Timothy Keller in his book, Walking with God through Pain and Suffering, states, “Christianity teaches that, contra fatalism, suffering is overwhelming; contra Buddhism, suffering is real; contra karma, suffering is often unfair; but contra secularism, suffering is meaningful. There is a purpose to it, and if faced rightly, it can drive us like a nail deep into the love of God and into more stability and spiritual power than you can imagine.” 

Our suffering, your suffering, has great purpose under the banner of Christ. It can bring God glory, a deep abiding joy in Christ for the sufferer, and strengthen those around you.

Prayer Request 

  • Healing – Ultimately, the desire of our heart is for a quick recovery for Davy girl. Pray for her wound to heal and the g-button to start working properly.
  • Endurance/Joy – Chels and I don’t just want to endure this next season in the hospital. We want to walk the path with joy.
  • Salt & Light – We deeply desire God to be glorified at Dell’s Children Hospital. Pray for our boldness to share the joy’s of Christ with our doctor’s, nurses and other medical staff.


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