Frazier Family Update

Usually, I would title this post with Davy’s name in it since she’s the one who just recently had surgery, but so much has been happening with the Frazier tribe that I figured I’d give you the full update.

Davy Girl Update

Davy is doing extremely well at this point. The surgery went as smoothly as possible. It caught us off guard with how quickly the procedure was over. They were able to do the complete operation laparoscopically – the full surgery done with small incisions, tiny instruments and a camera all within the abdomen as opposed to a large incision – with few side effects.

The first day of recovery was a rough as she came out of her anesthesia and dealt with the discomfort of the procedure. However, she has bounced back quickly over the last few days. They have her on IV fluids and have continued to increase her formula feeds as her stomach has been able to tolerate it. Hopefully, if things continue to progress this direction, we’ll be able to go home tomorrow!

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One of the best parts of getting the g-button surgery done is the fact that we can now see her beautiful face with no more NG tube, stickers or tegaderm! Love this precious girl. She’s so cute! Yes, yes, I know her hair is a curly hot mess, but give me some grace I’m rocking the single dad thing while battling sickness! 😉

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Chelsea Update

Unfortunately, my better half has gotten extremely sick. She started feeling under the weather our first night in the hospital and it progressively got worse as the next day progressed. It eventually got so bad that she had to go the ER to get everything checked out. Turns out she has strep and the infection has affected her kidneys!

They finally were able to get her on some antibiotics and on her way to recovery, but it’s going to take a little while for her to be able to bounce back. Praise God that Chels’ mom, Cindy, has been willing to take off time from work to be with us.

Personal Update 

As providence would have it, my body seems to be shutting down as well. I think a year a half of hospital stays, stress, trials and affliction have finally worn us down. I’m praying that God keeps me healthy and I did what my friend calls “nuking” the system, which basically means taking any and every medication I can get my hands on to help prevent sickness. We’ll see what happens.

I’m up at the hospital now about to sleep on what could potentially be my uncle’s old 1980’s pull out couch. Needless to say, I’m not sure I’m going to get the rest that my body requires. So hopefully the Holy Spirit fills up what’s lacking!

Prayer Request 

  • Chels’ health: In our five years of marriage I’ve hardly ever seen Chelsea sick. Maybe a handful of times, but it’s truly a rarity. Pray that she recovers quickly.
  • Davy’s stomach & discharge: Pray that Davy’s stomach would continue to function properly and that we could go home tomorrow!
  • My Health: Pray that I don’t get sick. If there’s ever a time where I’m desperately praying not to get sick it’s now. I want to be strong and healthy to take care of my girls.

Thanks for all the prayers, encouragements, hospital visits, food drop-offs and coffee runs. We’re blessed by it all. #DavyStrong

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