Davy Girl, a Button and Surgery

Davy Update 

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written an update on our sweet Davy girl.

Can you believe that she is 13 months old. THIRTEEN.MONTHS.OLD. Are you kidding me?!? I mean look at this precious girl…




She continues to getter better every day (and cuter I might add). Her hair is getting thicker, she’s got teeth coming in all over the place, she is so close to crawling (Lord, help us), and her weekly therapy sessions are progressing slowly but surely! Also, not to brag or anything, buuuut she says “dada” all day long. Thanks Jimmy Fallon.


Guys, guys…no I didn’t read it to her EVERY night, just MOST nights 😉 

Also, one of my favorite things Davy girl has started to do is a Frazier family staple: dancing! You better believe there are A LOT of future Daddy/Daughter dance dates in the future!

A “G-Button”

The biggest news on the Davy front is that she is having surgery soon to get a Gastronomy Button, also known as a “G-Button”. The G-Button is a tube inserted through the abdomen that delivers nutrition directly to the stomach. They are for children who have trouble eating to make sure they are getting all the nutrition and calories they need to continue to grow. Then there is a little “button” on the outside of the stomach that will be able to close after Davy gets done with her feeds.




The G-button will replace Davy’s NG tube (the tube that’s running from her nose into her stomach). We’re making this shift for a few reasons: 

  • Therapy – We’re hoping that by getting the tube out of her nose that it will help progress Davy with her feeding therapy.
  • Mobility – As Davy gets more mobile and active it will be easier for us to manage the g-button rather than NG tube.
  • Replacement – As Davy has gotten older it has become more challenging to replace her NG tube. When we have to put it back in she cries and thrashes around because it’s not a pleasant experience. The button only needs to be replaced every 4 months and will be less likely to come out as frequently.

Overall, we’re really excited about the move!

The Surgery and Post-Op

The surgery itself will be on Tuesday, September 22nd at Dell’s Children Hospital with the same surgeon who operated on Davy the first time, Dr. Horowitz. He did an incredible job with the first procedure and we trust that our little girl is in great hands.

After the surgery there will be a wound on Davy’s side and we’ll have stay at Dell’s for around 4 days or until the wound heals. You can read more about g-button’s and the procedure here.

Prayer Requests 

  • Dr. Horowitz – pray for an alert mind and steady hands as he operates on our little girl.
  • The Procedure – pray that the procedure goes smoothly and is successful.
  • Recovery – One of the challenges is to keep the wound from getting infected, which would keep us in the hospital longer. Pray that recovery would go smoothly and that there would be no infection.
  • Davy girl – Last, but DEFINITELY not least please pray for our sweet girl. Pray for her overall comfort and peace through the whole process.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and encouragement.


7 thoughts on “Davy Girl, a Button and Surgery

  1. Prayers continue for your sweet Davy girl. And she has an awesome guardian angel in Heaven, now, watching over her. God bless you all!

    Nancy Zenner

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