My Mom Hated Obituaries

My mom hated obituaries. Ok, ok… maybe she didn’t hate obituaries, but she didn’t enjoy the dullness they embodied.

So, in honor of my mom, I personally wrote one with her signature flare and sass that I believe she would enjoy.

Molly Frazier, Annie Oakley and Beth Moore wrapped into one, also know as Hot TaMolly and Immy to her grandkids, went home to be with the Lord August, 12th 2015. However, after talking Jesus’ ear off for the last 24 hours we’re fairly certain that He’s probably passed her on to Peter or the archangel Michael. She wasn’t particularly fond of commonplace obituaries, so this one is written in her honor with her signature flare of sass.

Molly Elizabeth Turner came full force into the world in Sweetwater, Texas on June 15th, 1955 to Ben and Shirleene Turner. She was a loud and proud graduate of San Angelo State University. Professionally, she coached volleyball and track at Lufkin High School, Georgetown High School and P.E. at Annie Purl Elementary for a total of 35 years striking encouragement and a healthy reverence of her authority into the heart of her athletes and students. By some miracle of God, Randy Frazier was able to lock down this strong-willed, passionate West Texas woman and they were married April 27th, 1985. Randy claims it was because of his dashing good looks, debonair style and charming personality. We still have our doubts. Together they raised three boys – Cody, Casey and Scott – whom Molly radically loved and made sure to keep in line with her…ahem… fiesty personality.

A whole special edition newspaper could be written to describe the life and legacy of Molly Elizabeth Frazier, but apparently they charge you for that kind of stuff. So we’ll sum it for you. Molly has been described as having the heart of a lion and the head of a mule – courageous and stubborn. She was a bundle of fire and joy while always wearing a bright smile and possessing a contagious joy. Her faith-filled life was lived fiercely and abundantly. She loved shooting her guns, dressing up in outlandish costumes for Halloween, Disney movies, watching MASH or Cheers at night, coaching her “Mollyball” girls, and serving free Christmas meals at the Monument Café. She never met a stranger and you always knew where you stood because its been said of her that she spoke her mind.

When diagnosed with cancer three years ago some were worried for the cancer’s sake because of the beat down Molly was going to inflict upon it. In the end, the cancer didn’t win, she just ran out of time to beat it before God called her home. She was a fighter through and through.

Now, she has fought the good fight, grabbed hold of eternal life and has entered into the joy of her Master. Her spirit continues on in the life of her family and friends. In lieu of flowers the family would like you to donate to the medical fund for her precious Davy girl at the Baby Davy Fund. You can make checks out to the “Baby Davy Frazier Fund”. Mail to Suzanne Pratt at 3209 Brangus Road Georgetown, Texas 78628.

Memorial and Celebration of Molly Frazier’s Life 

Just like my mom didn’t want a “normal” obituary, she didn’t want a “normal” memorial either. Before she passed, there were two specific requests about her memorial. First, that it wouldn’t be downcast, but that it would be a celebratory event. She held a convictional belief that her pain would be gone and she would be with Jesus (Rev. 21:4) in heaven. That truth is worthy of celebration and worship. Second, she wanted it to be a worship rock concert led by my brother and friend Jimmy McNeal. So…that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I would love to formally invite you to Molly Frazier’s Celebration of Life this Saturday at 10 am in the Westinghouse Campus of Celebration Church. 

A few notes before you come: Ditch the normal memorial etiquette of wearing black and throw on your party clothes and dancing shoes. Prepare your hearts for a time of worship and celebration. Mom would’ve preferred that any way 😉 

See you then.

3 thoughts on “My Mom Hated Obituaries

  1. Thankful I had the blessings of knowing Molly. Prayers for peace and strength as your family goes through the days ahead without her physically by your sides. May memories be abundant!.

    1. Scott, your mom would be so proud of you. I can’t tell you how proud she was of you and she told everyone every chance she had. Her family was her pride and joy. I spent the last 22 years with your mom and the last 3 is a journey I will never forget. We spent every week together for the last three years and I know first hand how proud she was of all that you have accomplished. She will be honored to have you running the show for her on Saturday. Her strength will be there for you along with all of us! Many Blessings to you! Love, Leslie Loughmiller

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