Davy Update and Prayer Requests!

My life revolves around three predominant questions right now:

  1. How did you land such an awesome wife? (I never know if I should be offended or proud of this question! Ha! What are people implying with that question?!? Plus, the answer is obvious – grace!)
  2. How did your hurt you knee? (another blog post for another time…stay tuned…it’s quite comical)
  3. How’s Davy girl?!?! (This one definitely gets the most air time and understandably so!)

So… how is Davy girl?

Davy Update

Davy is honestly doing great. Her cuteness factor continues to grow exponentially along with her ability to wrap me around her finger. Jeez, I’m going to have to get some counsel from all the dad’s out there to learn how to say “no” to someone this precious!  Recently Chels wrote a quick update on the specifics of Davy’s progress on her Instagram account and I wanted to share that here.


She posted this picture above (how cute is this little girl?!? Dad’s help me out here!)

“Sorry for the long post but I couldn’t not share a “short” update about Davy. This is a picture of our girl as we were leaving for a doctor appointment today. See anything different? If you look to the left of her you’ll notice her tubes are not hooked up to anything! We are working on her feeding and she is doing great! We still have a ways to go but to share we came home with her being fed 22 out of the 24 hours in a day. Today she was fed in a little under 7 hours total! You’ll also see her nasal cannula is clipped to her car seat but isn’t attached to anything. That’s right people! We are in the beginning stages of weaning her off oxygen!! Her doctors can’t believe it but she is showing signs of needing the support less and less. Today we were off for 3 hours total! We’ll gradually build time off O2 the hours she is awake. Sleeping is a different ball game. All this being said,  God continues to heal Davy and show us His provision, support and presence. We are so thankful and truly humbled by all He has done in and for our family. Thank you all who have prayed and supported us. We couldn’t have made it or be making it without you.”

How awesome is that update people?! So let me give you a little summarized recap:

  • She’s getting all of her milk in 7 hours instead of 22 hours, which means her stomach is getting stronger and able to handle the increased rate of feeding.
  • She’s able to breath normally with no oxygen support for AT LEAST 3 hours a day. This means her lungs are getting stronger daily.

Most recently, she’s been making leaps and bounds in regards to her speech and physical therapy. There are still hills to climb, but our girl continues to flex the fight within her and is moving mountains by God’s grace.

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Prayer Requests

  • Davy feeding by mouth: The most radical prayer we’re praying is that she would be able to take a majority of her feeds by mouth by her birthday, August 3rd. This is crazy – and absolutely unrealistic by all standards – but God isn’t held down by our earthly standards, nor are we dismayed if his timetable is different than our own as I wrote about here.
  • All tubes gone by Christmas: This prayer is also a little outlandish. However, we were originally told that she would be oxygen for two years, but here were are letting her breath on her own 3 hours a day. We would love for both her cannula and NG tube to be gone by Christmas of this year.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayer and provision. We love you all and are so humbled and grateful by the love you’ve shown us.


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