How You Can Help Davy’s Recovery

It’s been a week since we’ve gotten Davy home and what an eventful week it’s been!

Right now, as I’m writing this, it looks like Hobby Lobby’s Christmas section, a Public Storage and a movie set from Breaking Bad exploded in our home. We’ve got wrapping paper scattered everywhere, more boxes than I know what to do with and enough drugs to start our own personal pharmacy! Not only is our house a holiday infused mess, Chelsea and I are making every rookie parenting mistake in the book to top it all off! Here’s a list of our mishaps for your personal enjoyment.

  • Failing miserably (and repeatedly I might add) at attempting to “swaddle” Davy.
  • Not “sleeping when they sleep” aka “naps”. Hmmm…wish I’d known that before I went four consecutive days without sleeping.
  • Missing the trash pick up when half of the trash consists of dirty diapers.
  • Not sleeping when Davy goes down for the night. Apparently, you want to go to sleep then as well or you will be a zombie for days.
  • Failing to bring a “burp cloth” with me at all times while holding Davy.
  • Using a diaper that’s too small – I pray I only make that mistake once. #gross

I hope you have enjoyed a little laughter at our expense!

Frazier Family Update

As for ourselves, we are exhausted and joy-filled. Exhausted because being a parent is in itself exhausting (understatement!) and a affront on your personal comfort. Nothing will expose selfishness and character flaws like taking care of a child. There have been plenty of moments Chels and I have just looked at each other and asked, “What have we gotten ourselves into?!”

It’s also exhausting because Davy is still sick and that’s hard on a parents psyche. Ultimately, Davy is well enough to be recovering at home, but still has a long way to go until she is fully healthy. We basically shifted all that was happening at the NICU to our house – you know – except minus our brilliant doctors, nurses, medical team and convenience of a hospital, which as it turns out is quite a helpful support group!

Here’s a typical day at Frazier Medical Center for Davy (aka our home):

  • 7am – Turn on Davy’s feeds (2 hours) & give one medicine.
  • 9am – Turn feeds off & give 3 meds.
  • 10:30am- Check NG placement & give medicine.
  • 11am – Turn feeds on (4 hours)
  • 3pm – Add more feeds (2 hours) & give 3 meds.
  • 5pm – Turn feeds off
  • 6:30pm – Check NG & give medicine.
  • 7pm – Turn feeds on (4 hours) & give med.
  • 9pm -Give 3 meds.
  • 11pm – Turn feeds on (4 hours)
  • 1am – Give medicine.
  • 3am – Additional feeds (4 hours) & give meds

Needless to say we’ve become quite militant about our schedule! What that list doesn’t include though are all the other things that life throws your way. Things like eating, running errands, grocery shopping, making rookie parenting mistakes, waking up 20 times at night to comfort Davy, change diapers, etc. As I said at the onset of this post – it has been quite the eventful week!


Despite the exhaustion, general craziness and getting my Gray’s Anatomy on administering medicine all day, we are simultaneously joy-filled. We are filled with joy because we understand that joy isn’t determined by our circumstances, but it is a posture rooted in God, fought for in the mind, and cultivated as a spiritual fruit (Gal. 5:22). However, we’ve also been blessed by the sweet moments God has given to us through our daughter.

The diaper change at 5am when she stares at me with those big, beautiful blue eyes and gives me a sheepish smile. Her falling asleep peacefully in my arms, her feeble frame trusting her daddy’s strength. Davy kisses (the best!).  Family moments where time halts and the only people in the world are Chelsea, Davy and I enjoying each others company. Our first Christmas together! God has been good to not only give us himself, but He has given us his grace in daily life.

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Again, I reiterate that our family is “exhausted and joy-filled”, but wouldn’t change anything because having Davy girl home is one of the greatest blessings of my entire life.

How You Can Join Davy’s Recovery

Many of you have been asking, “How can we help?” And honestly, up to this point we’ve had an amazing church community who has taken care of us and given us abundantly more than we needed. However, an opportunity has arrived for you to join and help in Davy’s recovery story!

Our community continues to amaze us and is throwing a “Davy Frazier Fundraiser” and you are all invited! The event is being thrown to help raise funds to support Davy, her on-going medical care and hospital bills. It will be a night of dining, dancing, silent auction and we would be honored by your presence. Honestly, who doesn’t love at least one of those things?

The details can be found at this link, which will direct you to a Facebook event. Again, we’d love to see you there, even if it’s only to say hey!

Prayer Requests

Lastly, I wanted to send out a few prayer request because God is faithful to answer the prayers of his people (as we’ve seen over and over again through Davy!).

  • Davy’s Recovery – Davy is still recovering and needs your continued prayers for her lungs, stomach and overall development.
  • Withdrawal Endurance – The hardest part has been weaning Davy off her drugs. Pray that God would make the process has swift as possible.
  • Chelsea and I – Pray for our strength, trust and endurance. At times, it was easier to pray when things were dire,  but during the daily mundane it can be challenging to trust Him in the little, monotonous moments.













3 thoughts on “How You Can Help Davy’s Recovery

  1. Hey Bro,

    Just read your update. I really liked “…it is a posture rooted in God, fought for in the mind, and cultivated as a spiritual fruit (Gal. 5:22)”

    You are a blessing to me through your joy through endurance. Blessings,

  2. I love this post! So glad God has given you both the endurance for this long race. Davy looks perfect! Your schedule brings back so many (not so distant) memories. Hang in there, as it will pass.

    I cannot connect to the link for the fundraiser but would love to go. Can you please post it in another form?

    Thank you and God bless!

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