Project Davy

Rounding with the Medical Team

Every day around 10am Chelsea and I partake in “rounds” with the doctors, nurses and rest of the medical team at Dell’s Children. “Rounds” are when our medical team converses about how Davy’s doing, what steps they are going to take with her that specific day and then break it all down into layman’s terms for us. At some point during rounds, I usually make an attempt at saying something humorous, but my 40 year old dad jokes only land about 50% of the time – soooo that’s always a hit or miss!

We’ve been a part of rounds for the last 126 days – a little over 4 months. 126 days of expectantly waiting to hear the words “your little girl is healthy enough to go home”. 4+ months of fervently interceding on behalf of our little girl for God to do the miraculous.

The Journey

Since day one of these 126 days many of you have journeyed alongside of us. You were there during the first days where we didn’t know if our little Davy girl would make it and you were begging God to spare her life.

Davy Elizabeth


As our story continued to unfold, our little girl flashed her fighting spirit, and God demonstrated His tangible faithfulness, even more of you joined with our family in one heart and one spirit (Acts 4:32). You wept with us, rejoiced with us, supported us financially, and we had more Starbucks gift cards then we knew what to do with at the time (now I have an even worse Starbucks addiction)!

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Far More

During this time you also partnered with us in praying a “far more” prayer – a prayer so audacious that it made me slightly uncomfortable – a prayer that believed God could do abundantly more than all we could ask or even think (Eph. 3:20). Our collective voice asked our Great Healer that He would send Davy home by Christmas without a Gtube or tracheostomy.


Project Davy

Yesterday, day 125, was just like any other day. Chelsea and I woke up, got ready for the day, made our Starbucks run (where the Baristas know our drink) and headed to the hospital. At this point, the hospital is “home” and the staff at Dell’s Children are our family. It feels like a repetitive episode of “Cheers” where everybody knows your name and they are all glad you came.

As we geared up for rounds there was a buzz of excitement that hasn’t been present in any of the other days of rounds. I attempted my usual “dad joke” and it was met with minimal success, but I received a few pity laughs, the way you laugh at your crazy uncle.

As Dr. Kelley started talking he let me know the exciting news – Project Davy was in full swing. Puzzled, I asked what Project Davy entailed and he let me know that Project Davy is about getting our Davy girl home BEFORE THE END OF DECEMBER! My heart proliferated with excitement and my soul broke out into spontaneous worship.

Far More Abundantly

As Chelsea and I reflected on God’s abundant faithfulness we weren’t ready for even more exciting news coming the next day. Not only is our team’s goal to get Davy home before the end of December, but to potentially get her home as early as NEXT WEDNESDAY, THE 17TH!

Do what now?!?

Oh, I see what you’re doing God. You wanted to take our “far more” prayer and show us that you can do “far more abundantly” than anything we could dream or imagine. You wanted to send Davy home BEFORE Christmas without a gtube or tracheostomy. Oh, I see…

How great of an early Christmas present would it be to get Davy home?

True Hope

I wrote this on my Facebook yesterday, but I believe it warranted reiteration here:

Now, yes, this is NICU life and anything can change on a dime. Any sickness could keep us in for months more. Yet, for Chels and I, our hope doesn’t rest in getting Davy home, but in the God who controls every breath of her lungs and function of her stomach. If it’s God’s will to keep us in longer, then we will endure with joy in our hearts and singing on our lips.

However, remember all those months that we prayed “far more” prayers, together as a community, for Davy to be home by Christmas? It looks like God might be working another Christmas miracle on behalf of the prayers of the saints.

Thank you all for continuing to fight alongside of us and let’s continue to intercede on behalf of this little girl!

Whirlwinds & Prayer Requests

I’m sure many of you have questions about the logistics and Chelsea and I do as well! However, we’re still working things out and we’ll know more in the coming days as our medical team fills us in with everything we need to know. Yes, there will still be a LONG way to go with Davy when we get home. However, the key word there is “home”.

As soon as we know more information I’ll pass it along to you all. Until then keep praying for “Project Davy” and the whirlwind of getting this girl home.


(A picture of Davy today from our friend Katie Wilcutts)

  • Medical Staff – Be praying for our medical staff during this time. They are working passionately to get Davy home. Ask God to bless them with wisdom and knowledge to know the right steps to take.
  • Chelsea and I – Be praying for us! This news is exciting and crazy at the same time. “End of December” and 8 days is a slight difference. There is a lot to get done, but pray that Chelsea and I would lean into God’s strength and our community for help.
  • Davy girl – Lastly, I ask that you pray for our sweet Davy girl. Continue to pray for total healing of her lungs and stomach. Ask God to make her adjustment to her new “home” as smooth as possible.







15 thoughts on “Project Davy

  1. Praying God’s hands and anointing all over every aspect. May you and your wife draw closer together, in Him, and to each other; and setting my faith in agreement with yours, concerning your precious daughter. May she experience God’s love and presence the moment she gets into the car seat to come home to you. 🙂

  2. This is the most wonderful news! My prayers continue for the healing God continues to provide through her wonderful doctors and nurses! We love you!

  3. Tears of joy for you and your family as well as continued prayers
    ( former NICU momma and former Austin Stone partner)

  4. I knew the ending of this story already but I’m bawling- sooooo thankful!!! Jesus has been so gracious! Y’all even when we were praying Davy would be home by Christmas, in the worlds eyes, no way!!! But God did it! Only He did it!!
    Davy is on our lips everyday! She may be for her whole life! My kids aren’t sure what to pray for more then Davy!! She is even in our made up math sentences!!! Ughhhh tears of joy!! For real!! So thankful!!!
    Thank you thank you Jesus
    Love y’all so much
    Jamie k

  5. Yes!!! I cannot describe it any other way but to say that our hearts are swelling with joy. Wow, God is good, so good!! Continuing to pray and praise Him!!

  6. Amen!!! That is the most wonderful news! Congratulations and prayers to continue to make this happen.

  7. Can’t even begin to imagine your excitement, fear, etc all those emotions. God is so good and
    I am faithful that he will lead you thru this “new” chapter just as he has led you thru the past 126 days and even before that. Prayers continue of all of you and the medical team. God has spoken to so many of us thru your family. I am thankful each of you.

  8. I have been absent for a while so I missed this until today, how AWESOME!!!!!! So happy for you and your little family and what a great testament to God’s AWESOME POWER.
    God’s Blessings!

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