True Soul Rest in Jesus

We wanted to send out a quick update on Davy girl and what God continues to teach us during this journey. You can watch it below.

Prayer Requests

  • PDA Valve – Pray that Davy’s PDA valve would close so that her heart can function properly.
  • Wisdom – Continue to pray for our doctors, nurses and medical team. Ask that God would continue to give them wisdom and insight to help get Davy fully recovered.
  • Rest – Chelsea and I are worn out and I’m praying that we would seek soul rest in the only place we can truly find it – Jesus.

We love you all and thank you for continuing to journey alongside of us.

6 thoughts on “True Soul Rest in Jesus

  1. Scott & Chelsea, still keeping you all in prayer out here in Spicewood – my folks in California are ALSO praying for you – spoke with them tonight and plan to forward them your incredible blog – just love y’all’s insight, wisdom, and the God-given words you both so capably write! Even though we haven’t met, y’all have a very special place in my heart. When our youngest daughter was in Children’s, Denver, & not expected to recover, her older sister who was three years old at the time said, “Mommy, Jesus has all the love in His hands and He puts His hands on Tracy and the love goes out and heals her.” I asked her if Gran’mama (my mother) had told her that, and she shook her head no . . . and sure enough, it was the Lord who gave her that word, and Tracy definitely has God’s hand on her and His JOY, 30 years later!! Passing it on to you with all our love too! The JOY of the LORD is your strength – Blessings – Jennifer

    1. Thanks so much for this story Jennifer. It’s a gift to hear stories of those who have walked through it and are now on the other side. Thanks for the continued prayers as well!

  2. Scott and Chelsea, just wanted you both to know we pray for you all everyday, even several times a day. You are constantly in our thoughts and PRAYERS. My mother prays for you all everyday as well, she of course knows your dad as I do, and we all have a special place in our hearts for your whole extended family. We can all rest in the fact that God IS in control and He loves Davy girl more than you can imagine. We love you, Beth and Chris Saum

  3. Hey Scott,

    My wife Alli worked out with Chelsea a lot at the community WOD’s as they were both pregnant with similar due dates. Our little boy Wes is doing well. He is 12 weeks old today. Every time I feel exhausted, I pray for you guys, because I know that whatever we are dealing with, we are extremely fortunate and that you both are going through so much more.

    There is a song “Come All You Weary” by Thrice that is written based on the verse you just read. Its a great song, and helps me feel restored and points me in the right direction when I am weary.

    Hope to see you soon at the box! And more importantly we are hopeful for all of the great works God will continue to do with your daughter and you and Chelsea’s faith in this difficult season.


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